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This Wiki is dedicated to computers from the 1980's and early 90's and my experience of programming them.  The ones currently illustrated are from my collection but if you have others please feel free to add a page and a picture and add your own programming or other experiences of these old beasts.

If you do start another computer page please put your signature on it so I know it's not mine!

As this Wiki is not primarily about the hardware, only the basic specification of the machines are given with links to sites where you can get much more detail. However, If I have anything interesting to write, I will.

PS - Some of the pictures are a bit crabby as my photographic skills are sub-optimal; but I will replace the worst ones eventually!


Acorn Computers

Sinclair Computers

Mobile Computers


Tatung Computers



About Programming

The end for now

Controlling Things

Computers that time forgot that I want

Random snippet

300 DEFPROCiterateEdit
301 LOCAL iter%,testEdit
310 WHILE iter%<101 AND test<5Edit
320 s0= x0*x0 - x1*x1 - x2*x2 - x3*x3 - 0.745Edit
330 s1= x0*x1 + x1*x0 + x2*x3 - x3*x2 + 0.113Edit
340 s2= x0*x2 - x1*x3 + x2*x0 + x3*x1 + 0.01Edit
350 s3= x0*x3 + x1*x2 - x2*x1 + x3*x0 + 0.01Edit
360 x0=s0:x1=s1:x2=s2:x3=s3Edit
370 test=(x1*x1+x2*x2+x3*x3+x0*x0)Edit
380 color%=iter%:iter%=iter%+1Edit

Random Old Fact

Kernel = Key Entry Read Network and Link

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